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Miami’s Multimedia and Nightlife Lounge

—only at Multitap

it’s your “middle place”

Tap In.

Multitap is Miami’s only multi-purpose multimedia center built with everyone in mind.

By day, unlock your potential in filmmaking, photography, graphic design, 3D printing, AI, and beyond with unique classes that merge creativity and activity together.

Then, as the sun sets, immerse yourself in our vibrant “middle place” – a haven for gaming, VR adventures, beer, food, fun and more.

It’s Multitap. For all.


Unique classes to learn and explore


Multitap exists to help the community stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends and informed about the latest developments by giving everyone the opportunity to learn about them in-house.

Sign up for a class to expand your horizons at any age in ways that will always be practical in the world we live in.


12 PCs available for gaming, creating, streaming, or more.


Our PC lab boasts 12 modern and powerful PCs available for anything you want!

Our reservable PCs have a wide library of games and software and are available to use for any purpose you can throw at them.


Immersive VR and gaming for all


The VR lounge has a VR treadmill to immerse yourself in a new world with friends. While you play in first person, your friends will see you in 3rd person – and you’ll get a video of you in the game at the end!

Or join us at one of our game lounges where you can play console games from any era while eating and drinking with friends.


We host tournaments and group play every week


Don’t miss our event calendar to see when you can get in on the community action with game tournaments, film festivals, pop ups, and more.

Multitap aims to always bring something fresh for everyone to enjoy.


Join us online and in real life


The Multitap community is backed by our SkateBird podcast, gamified Discord channel, livestreams, and more. Being a part of the community is a great way to stay involved with everything new happening around us.

We’re made up of skateboarders, gamers, learners, and everyone else who just likes to have fun.


Multitap's home


Multitap is located inside of SkateBird and merges skateboarding with multitmedia in every way possible.

Come to Multitap and rent video, audio, and photo equipment for the duration of your time here!

Upcoming Events

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Kick back, level up.

We offer hourly fun in our VR lounge, at our PC lab, or at a game station for everyone. Bring friends or just yourself!

PC Lab

  • Full use of print lab and studio
  • Access to HUGE game library
  • Use of any creator software
  • Discounts for eSport teams and LAN parties
  • Stream, create, record, chill

Game Lounge

  • Bring up to 4 people
  • MASSIVE game library from every console
  • PS5, Xbox, Switch, Wii, and more
  • GIANT movie library
  • Table service for food and drink

VR Lounge

  • Bring up to 6 people
  • Get a 4K highlight video after to share with friends
  • HUGE library of VR experiences
  • Everything from game lounge’s included
  • Comfy sofas to hang out on
  • Table service for food and drink


  • Unlimited access to the PC Lab
  • Discounted VR Lounge reservations
  • Priority reservations at game lounges
  • Discounted class registrations
  • Free creator equipment rentals
  • Private Discord access
  • Special Twitch chat badge

SkateBird podcast.

Hosted by multitap.

Listen on Spotify

Partner with us

eSport teams, LAN parties and more

See you soon

Parties @ Multitap

Celebrate your way

Make it yours

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Stay in the loop with our latest updates, newest classes, and special events. Join us for all of our going ons and unlock exclusive insights on the SkateBird podcast.

How can we help?

Inquire with us

How many people can be in 1 class at a time?2024-04-10T08:03:13+00:00

Our classes max out at 12 students. All classes are all-ages and signups are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What if we don’t know what to play?2024-04-10T08:02:21+00:00

We have a great list of suggested games for groups, solo play, online play, VR experiences and more. Just ask!

What games can we play?2024-04-10T08:01:40+00:00

Our library is massive but always changing. We aim to constantly provide new games to keep it fresh. If there’s a specific game you want to play, let us know!

On PC, we have house accounts for just messing around or you can login to your own account and play online.

What are the specs of your computers?2024-04-10T08:00:27+00:00

Our PC Lab has 12 computers with the same specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 7600x
  • Nvidia RTX 4060 ti
  • 32gb DDR5 RAM 6000mhz
  • MSI Pro b650m-a Wifi
  • 1tb NVME storage

All PCs are attached to our NAS for access to the emulation library, game library, and software library.

What if we have more people in our group than the max?2024-04-10T07:57:25+00:00

Unfortunately we are a small space and can’t accommodate larger groups. However, you can totally have the extra people hang out at the bar or skate at the skatepark and swap with you during your time!

What if I go over my time?2024-04-10T07:56:25+00:00

Our computers use proprietary software to ask you if you’d like to extend your time. If you don’t we will ask you to save whatever you are doing and end so the next person can jump in.

How will I receive my VR video?2024-04-10T07:55:11+00:00

All VR highlight videos are sent 2 days after your reservation ends.

What payments do you accept?2024-04-10T07:54:27+00:00

We accept cash, credit, and crypto.

Multitap is for the community! Ask us about how we can make your next birthday a hit, or if we can partner with your eSports team. We’re always looking for new opportunities and would love to hear from you!

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